Saturday, July 12, 2014


Over the last couple years, I've heard many different views on Poetry and Spoken Word coming out of Chicago.  From Views about poetry being commercialized to views about poetry sounding like propaganda. For every kind of entertainment and every kind of education there will always be the ye's and nay's trying to speak louder than the message intended.  One store owner on the South Side of Chicago has opened up her doors to Chicagos Poets and Spoken Word Artist. The Scentuary is located at 2154 E 71st Street in Chicago owned by a lovely woman named Robin, a Chicago community activist and a lover of beautiful scents.  Artist are invited to come out every first and last Friday of every month to share their poetry and spoken word and are encouraged to share the best part of them with this humble audience.  No need to fear judgement because all are welcome. No need to fear criticism because all are welcome and no need to fear embarrassment because all are welcome!  Not only is this a perfect place for artist to share their art but it's also the perfect venue for new artist to, as they say, pop their cherries. As a matter of fact the host of the event, Brotha Amir once stated at a show that it is one of his favorite parts of the event, seeing new artist muster up all the courage they can and give the audience everything they got for the very first ever.  This maybe the moment an artist decides whether or not to continue or try again and this I'm sure is a blessing in itself, to be a part of that moment. 

The Drunken Dead Podcast

One of the ill-est experiences I've had on radio or podcasting I should say! The Drunken Dead Podcast hosted by David, Rob and Wolfy is a show you have to listen to! Narrating the Walking Dead Comic Books whilst playing a drinking game and interviewing guests is one of the most original concepts for podcasting to date and it is genuinely funny! A must hear, this team of comic heads really bring the best version of what is going on in The Walking Dead Comic Books! With voice overs imitating actors, artist, politicians, wrestlers and more of today's hottest celebs they will make you bust a gut laughing! Subscribe and download episodes via iTunes or listen here > on buzz sprout!

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Episode 15 Hosted by Dave and Rob Special guest appearance by P1 and eMvi :) that's me! And I can't wait to get invited back! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Open Mic Night with Special Guest features at DLas Sports Bar & Louge.  Last month was the first installment of the event now called Sessions.  The guest features of this event where Mellow "J", Velvet Gunn, Ross Augusta, Poetry Tap, and Brother Amir hosting. Hosting behind the DJ booth was DJ Slugo and on the mike was Jeronimo.  A legendary Chicago DJ and a new up-and-coming spoken word artist has been dubbed the new face of Chicagos Poetry scene.  The artist have been invited back for another session open mic will begin at 6 PM and featured sent will begin at 8 PM including the artist that have come to sign up for the open mic.  What a great way to gain exposure by pushing the city limits! #PushTheCityLimits #Sessions

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Talented Tenth Open Mic

Spoken Word and Poetry has a great new place to celebrate the performing arts in these genres!  Saturday May 31st the Holiday Inn & Suites will host the third installment of the Talented Tenth Open Mic created by Jeronimo. Hailing from Chicagos South side born and raised in the "Low End" neighborhood, Jeronimo is rising to become one of our countries newest and most talented Spoken Word Artist.  

With a message of peace, growth and giving back to the community, the Talented Tenth group consist of Jeronimo, Ollie "HoodRaised" Woods and Imani Truth.  Every month the open mic offers free entry, free parking and a free raffle. One of the purposes of giving so much is to promote performing arts in The City of Chicago.  This is an all ages event and is sure to entertain all those that done in! Not only is the entertainment free the parking free and the raffle but each month one artist is chosen to participate in the "Blind Fury" segment.  This is a part of the show where the artist is blind folded as they perform and during that time a bucket is passes around collecting donations for the artist. The purpose of this is to help independent artist GET PAID early in their career.

This show is truly one-of-a-kind!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014


"Hip Hop In It's Finest Form" is the event that i was invited to go to last nite.

I never actually had a chance to listen to Sinatris, today I did and he is so #iLL I'm glad I didn't miss it this time, Shout out to Da DA Smart for inviting me! Dafi Ent did their thing, along with PLUGGIN Ent. And Leno XTR is so Chicago Hip Hop. Thursday, March 20th is Leno's CD Release Party and as soon as I get all the info I'm sharing! My pics will be up soon! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


 Inspired by his peers and favorite poets, spoken word artist and entertainers, Jeronimo Presents us with, Breaking Points, at the Spoken Word Lounge.  80s & 20s, Verbal Tithes and 500 Words are only three of the many pieces that will be performed live and the story of how these came about.  Tickets for the event are selling out with features Imani Truth, Ollie "HoodRaised" Woods, Sabrina Wisdom Brown and Marcel Jones and spot light performances.  This will be on of 2014's biggest events in the city of Chicago for Jeronimo and the Spoken Word Lounge. 

You can buy your ticket at the venue, The Spoken Word Lounge, 1200 W 35th St. Chicago IL, (Bridgeport Art Center, Lower Level) or you can order your tickets on line via event brite,  EVENT BRITE | BREAKING POINTS